Values and ethics remain deeply ensconced in the Homeocare International’s philosophy. Homeocare International assimilates innovative ideas and Homeopathic technology to add greater value to its solutions and create customer delight. A firm commitment to quality treatment is at the heart of all services provided at Homeocare International. Specialized homeopathic doctors can easily handle Chronic diseases like Arthritis, Diabetes, Cancer and many more.

Quality medical care, in a patient – friendly and completely comfortable ambiance which is reassuring and comforting. Homeocare International is commenced by a team of dedicated and committed homeopathic doctors who strive to provide exceptional service.

It is often said that real control brings real joy. At Homeocare International this holds well both to the patient and the doctor. We work with our persons as a team to lead them a better health and to provide more happiness.

At Homeocare International we offer need-based quality care where persons have a range of treatment modalities in an integrated clinic and thus providing a high quality affordable complete health-care. We are committed to the goal of Health and Harmony for people around the world and to popularize the numerous benefits of homeopathy. Because of our integrated approach we are able to treat almost all types of medical conditions.

Homeocare International’s mission is to provide efficient Health care to all sections of society, from last three decades.

What makes us different?

  • Your well being is our prime concern. We care for you and your requirements.
  • We have successfully treated numerous acute, chronic and recurring health disorders using classical Homeopathic approach.
  • Nationally and internationally recognized homeopathic physicians who have done clinical research in the treatment of various diseases, as well as retired professors from reputed universities of homeopathic colleges.
  • In spite of excellent results with our medicines we do not stick to what we have, so we aspire for more knowledge. We have a continuous research program.
  • Homeocare International regularly organizes seminars and CMEs to update their doctors about the latest techniques, research and treatment in the field of Homeopathy.
  • The Homeopathic treatment cost for various ailments are kept quite reasonable when compared to other clinics.
  • Better monitoring for each and every case and multidimensional monitoring by our expert team of doctors.
  • Homeocare International prescribe Genuine German homeopathic remedies without any side effects.